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High Quality AC/DC MCCB UKM32NA IEC 60947-2 Implementation of standards

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Categories MCCB
Model UKM32NA
Frame size 160,250,630
Rated curent, In 16,20,25,32,40,50 63,80,100,125,160,200,250,300,400,630
No. of poles 2*,3,4
Rated operational voltage, Ue AC 690 DC 500
Rated impulse withstand voltage, Uimp 8
Rated insulation voltage, Ui 750
Use category A
Implementation of standards IEC60947-2
Mechanical life 25000 20000
Electrical life in 415VAC Number of operations 10000 6000
Product Description

Product Description?

Product Advantages

Product Advantages:Current-limiting Capacity;U-Type fixed contact design;Double break design

Current-limiting Capacity

Current-limiting Capacity:Current-limiting Capacity;U-Type fixed contact design;Double break design

Modularized Design

Modularized Design:1.Break kers,Plug-in base

Advanced Magnetic Field Analysis

Advanced Magnetic Field Analysis?

Technology Specifification

Technology Specifification:UKM32 for protection of power distribution

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