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CHXI-B80 red SPD surge protective device

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CHXI SPD has reliable voltage protection level and safe characteristic of overload. ,strong discharge currentcapability. ,applied to lighting protection of AC low voltage distribution system.

CHXI surge protection device with high energy MOV chip, fast response speed, safe protection function. Productscomply with GB18802.1-2011 (IEC61643-1 .2005), IEC61643-11 2011 standard.

Nominal a.c voltage of the system Uo(M)

220 (1N50Hz) 380~690 (3N50Hz) 220 (1N50Hz) 380~690 (3N50Hz) 220 (1N50Hz) 380~690 (3N50Hz)

Max. continuous operating voltage Uc (M)

(N-PE 255) 275/320


(N-PE 255)275/320


(N-PE 255) 275/320


Nominal discharge current In 8/20

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