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Plug-in ELCB/RCCB Black Color With Wire

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The unit provides single-phase protection with an overcurrent device(MCB) and a current operated circuit breaker (RCCB) as an integral unt. The unit has a “Live” (line side) plug-in function. The load output terminals are stirrup type for increased grip on the wires.

overcurrent protection

lt operates on the principle of thermal and magnetic tripping on the production line side, and the overload and short-circut protection meets therequirements of IEC60898-1;

Test button operation

The test button (marked T) should be disconnected at any time in the activation circuit to check the integrity of the tripping mechanism and the functionof the unit. RCBO units should be checked quarterly using the test button.If it cannot trip, an electrician should be consulted.

NOTE: Operation of the test equipment only checks the correct operation of the RCBO at currents above the rated trip level. t does not check theintegrity of the grounding system.

Dimensions (mm)

Product number CCB3-63L
Standards compliant :IEC61009-1
Electrical Features Type (wave form of the earth leakage sensed) A,AC
Thermo-magnetic release characteristic B,C
Rated current In(A) 6,10,16,20,25,32,40
Poles (P) 1P+N
Rated voltage Ue(v) 110/220, 120/240
Rated sensitivity l

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