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PMR permanent magnetic relay tripping relay for RCCB,RCBO.

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The magnetic relay Release-16 is designed according to the principle of a holding magnet relay for use in residual current circuit breakers. The tripping system consists of plunger, pole and armature.
At delivery, the permanent magnet in the magnetic relay is fully magnetized and the armature is in the closed position , that is to say in contact with the pole.
The tripping power, respectively the tripping current, is set by demagnetizing the integrated permanent magnet after installation.


The exterior design is new and looks more beautiful. Compared with the old one, the seal is better. Some materials are removed on both sides of the width of the cover, which is optimized to make the weight of the whole product lighter. It is similar to theSFR-3and is more manageable.

Specification Unit 40A(160 circle) 63A(500 circle)
Opearting Current mA 30mA
Tripping Current mA 7-9 2-3
Tripping Voltage mV 15-20 40-60
Resistance Value Ohms 2.5-4.6 30-45
Resistance Ohms 1.3-1.6 8.6-8.9
Push Force mm h=0.5mm F

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